The Book of Esther – Unmasked in English and Persian too

Bookmarks and video from my new indiegogo campaign for adapting "the Book of Esther Unmasked" to English and Persian. Share pleeeeease!
ד"ר תמר עילם גינדין

ד"ר תמר עילם גינדין

ד"ר לבלשנות איראנית ומרצה בנושאים שונים

This time in English…

I've launched a new crowdfunding campaign in order to translate my excellent The Book of Esther Unmasked to English and Persian.

Why English? Because it's the lingua franca (common tongue) of the world today, and I want this knowledge to reach as many people as possible. My English readers will probably be adults, Jewish or of Iranian descent, but it's also suitable for brainy kids.

The English edition will be available both in print and e-book form, and as an audiobook.

Why Persian? Because the Islamic regime in Iran, and its media agencies, tell the people horrible lies about the story of Esther. The audience in my lectures rolls on the floor laughing when I tell them about this, but it's actually quite scary. Someone must show them the original text and explain the real nature of the holiday. Besides, this is yet another opportunity to expose modern Iranians to ancient Iran.

The Persian edition is planned as a free PDF, because it's a mitzvah to unconditionally reach as many Iranians as possible. And it would have to circulate freely anyway, even if I had planned to charge for it, because it will take time for the sanctions to be lifted — and right now, Iranians within Iran can't pay internationally or receive goods from abroad. But in order to do it, I need your help in crowdfunding The Book of Esther Unmasked. Your help can be in contributions, in sharing any of the stuff related to the book, or in PR (connecting me or writing about it).

This bookmark is now distributed freely, and will be sent to contributors with every printed-copy (in any language). You may copy

The Book of Esther - Unmasked
The Book of Esther – Unmasked
The Book of Esther - Unmasked
The Book of Esther – Unmasked


























And here's the campaign video, that answers some of these questions:

After Rosh Hashana I'll put here a 10 minute video that answers these questions in more detail…

Want to read more? crowdfund the English (and Persian) version of The Book of Esther, Unmasked. This article is based on parts of chapter 9 of The Book of Esther, Unmasked. Want to hear more? Invite me to a well-paid lecture. During the crowdfunding campaign – that is, until October 16th, there are serious discounts on lectures as well, so you may want to take advantage of that.

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